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WiFi configuration and maintenance is so hassle free. Most Relevant Content. You May Also Like. Specially, user manager package which is totally a separate MikroTik RADIUS package used to manage user authentication, authorization and accounting is always missing.

So, [ MikroTik Router has a lot of networking services that help to build a stable and smooth network so easily. As a system administrator, I am also using MikroTik Router about 5 years in my network [ Windows is the most popular operating system to any computer user.


It is said that no computer user cannot go a single a day without windows operating system. Windows has a lot of default internet features which help to connect our computer to internet as well as it provides internet connection sharing facility.

GNS3 Graphical Network Simulator is one of the most popular network simulator software used by hundreds of thousands of network engineers worldwide to emulate, configure, test and troubleshoot virtual and real networks. I will [ In my previous article, I discussed how to install CentOS 7 core packages successfully on your physical machine.

An ISP Network can also be [ Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Any computer user cannot go a single day without windows operating system. Even, I am writing this article on a windows operating system and you are also reading this article on any windows operating system, I think. Windows provides a lot of features or utilities for its user so that they can maintain their operating system so easily.It goes through the Winbox configuratoin utility and some of the basic setup procedures to turn your MikroTik device into a home or office wireless and wired router.

In this tutorial we will go through a step by step guide to make it as simple as possible to learn and implement these setting s on your own routers.

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It does however when running, setup a number of folders in your application data folder in order to save login data and plugins. This is transparent to the user but worthwhile to be aware, in order to diagnose problems and also understand the security implications of saving sensitive login information in the utility.

The Identity dialog will open as in image below. Remove the default "Mikrotik" value and replace it with something meaning full. Usually the location of the router combiened with its purpose acts as a suitable Identity for your router.

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Settin IP Address. How to chang a Password. Next Page. Wireless Connect are Dell Premier Partners. Wireless Connect provide these products and services to Europe and worldwide markets. Terms and Conditions apply. The Dude. Driver Downloads. Document Contents. Webproxy Setup Guide. MikroTik Tutorials. Company Information. About Us. Contact Us. Shipping Policy.Nv2 protocol is proprietary wireless protocol developed by MikroTik for use with Atheros TDMA media access technology solves hidden node problem and improves media usage, thus improving throughput and latency, especially in PtMP networks.

Nv2 is supported for Atheros This means that both - 11n and legacy devices can participate in the same network and it is not required to upgrade hardware to implement Nv2 in network. Media access in Nv2 network is controlled by Nv2 Access Point.

Nv2 AP divides time in fixed size "periods" which are dynamically divided in downlink data sent from AP to clients and uplink data sent from clients to AP portions, based on queue state on AP and clients. Uplink time is further divided between connected clients based on their requirements for bandwidth. At the begginning of each period AP broadcasts schedule that tells clients when they should transmit and the amount of time they can use.

In order to allow new clients to connect, Nv2 AP periodically assigns uplink time for "unspecified" client - this time interval is then used by fresh client to initiate registration to AP. Then AP estimates propagation delay between AP and client and starts periodically scheduling uplink time for this client in order to complete registration and receive data from client. Nv2 implements dynamic rate selection on per-client basis and ARQ for data transmissions.

This enables reliable communications across Nv2 links. Nv2 protocol is not compatible to or based on any other available wireless protocols or implementations, either TDMA based or any other kind.

This implies that only Nv2 supporting and enabled devices can participate in Nv2 network. Regular In the same way other networks may disturb Nv2 network, because every other signal is considered noise. As of version 5. This setting controls which wireless protocol selects and uses. Note that meaning of this setting depends on interface role either it is AP or client that depends on interface mode setting.

Find possible values of wireless-protocol and their meaning in table below. Note that wireless-protocol values Nv2-nstreme Using these values can help in migrating network to Nv2 protocol. The following settings are relevant to Nv2 AP:. Using wireless-protocol setting aids in migration or evaluating Nv2 protocol in existing networks really simple and reduce downtime as much as possible.

These are the recommended steps:. This feature will let multiple MikroTik Nv2 APs on the same location to coexist in a better fashion by reducing the interference between each other. That allows to reuse the same wireless frequency on the location for multiple APs giving more flexibility in frequency planning.

mikrotik wireless configuration examples

QoS in Nv2 is implemented by means of variable number of priority queues. Queue is considered for transmission based on rule recommended by In practice this means that at first all frames from queue with higher priority will be sent, and only then next queue is considered. Therefore QoS policy must be designed with care so that higher priority queues do not make lower priority queues starve.

Nv2-queue-count parameter specifies number of priority queues used.

How To Setup VLAN Trunk Using Bridge on Mikrotik Router

Mapping of frames to queues is controlled by Nv2-qos parameter. In this mode outgoing frame at first is inspected by built-in QoS policy algorithm that selects queue based on packet type and size. In this mode QoS queue is selected based on frame priority field. Note that frame priority field is not some field in headers and therefore it is valid only while packet is processed by given device.Wireless features compatibility table for different wireless protocols.

Wireless can operate in several modes: client stationaccess point, wireless bridge etc. Client will connect to AP only if it supports all basic rates announced by the AP. Allowed values depend on selected band, and are restricted by country setting and wireless card capabilities. This setting has no effect if interface is in any of station modes, or in wds-slave mode, or if DFS is active. Station modes :.

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Since RouterOS v6. If this value isstation will initially use MAC address of the wireless interface. Access to registration-table also triggers update of these values.

Frame protection helps to fight "hidden node" problem. There are several types of protection:. Protection mode is controlled by hw-protection-mode setting of wireless interface. Frame size threshold at which protection should be used is controlled by hw-protection-threshold setting of wireless interface.

For example, to enable "CTS-to-self" based frame protection on AP for all frames, not depending on size, use command:. See the Nv2 documentation: NV2. TDMA is a channel access method for shared medium networks. It allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time slots. The users transmit in rapid succession, one after the other, each using his own time slot.

mikrotik wireless configuration examples

This allows multiple stations to share the same transmission medium e. Starting from RouterOS v5. Please take a look at the NV2 protocol implementation status.

Nv2 protocol limit is clients. Warning: Nv2 doesn't have support for Virtual AP. Increase throughput on long distance with tdma-period-size. In Every "period", the Access Point leaves part of the time unused for data transmission which is equal to round trip time - the time in which the frame can be sent and received from the clientit is used to ensure that client could receive the last frame from Access Point, before sending its own packets to it.

The longer the distance, the longer the period is unused.

User Manager/Wireless Example

For example, the distance between Access Point and client is 30km. Bigger tdma-period-size value increases latency on the link. Access list is used by access point to restrict allowed connections from other devices, and to control connection parameters.

Then connection is not matched to any ACL rule and if signal drops to Super-basic example of a VLAN setup. Give the vlan interface a name, give it a vlan tag number to use, and attach it to a port that will be receiving traffic with that tag. Now you have a whole new virtual interface on your router.

First step is to assign an IP address to that vlan interface. The WAP is now up and running and any device that connects to it will get a If separate how would you allow them to communicate but keep the traffic down between them, i.

Operating system notes for o level

Control System on one VLAN, media downloading on another but still need the ability for the Control System to communicate with the media streamer. By default they should be able to talk to each other unless you have a firewall rule in place to block traffic between them. So chatty devices on one vlan subnet will not be heard by devices on another vlan subnet.

You can, however point a device to talk to something on another vlan if you need it to. Vlans are just a way to virtually keep some traffic separated. In this case you would only want to block access FROM So you set up a firewall rule that does just that….

mikrotik wireless configuration examples

You can also do it by setting up Address Lists. I have the units connected via vpn and passing other data. What I need to do is segmeant of two ports of the router and put all that traffic into a vlan back to the main router to handle the vlan interface seperate. At site c I have a 5 port Mikrotik. I do not want a WAP or other divice to tag the traffic just the Mikrotik. New network — Share this: Facebook Google Twitter Email.

So how would you set a firewall rule to only allow vlan 10 to access the Internet?WiFi configuration and maintenance is so hassle free. Most Relevant Content. You May Also Like. In this article, we will talk about how to [ In this article I will discuss how to configure a Virtual [ YouTube is the most popular video sharing website.

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Statistics shows that YouTube is the second popular website of the world. So, it is nothing to say that you are a YouTube fan like me. As a YouTube fan, sometimes you may need to download YouTube videos which you like. Although, you often get an extra bandwidth for YouTube video streaming from your ISP now a days so that you can watch your favorite YouTube video without any buffering.

But it [ How to install and configure User [ UserManager is an optional and totally separate package distributed by MikroTik.

I used [ VPN Virtual Private Network technology provides a secure and encrypted tunnel across a public network.

Mikrotik wireless bridge connection.

Most of the websites now use https and blocking https websites is so much harder with the MikroTik RouterOS version less than 6. But from RouterOS v6. So, blocking https websites like Facebook, YouTube etc. In my previous article, I discussed how to block websites with MikroTik Router [ WiFi is a technology to turn wired internet into WiFi internet and used in every home and office. Wireless internet gives you the freedom to use the internet without sitting in a single place.

It is also true that speed performance drop in Wi-fi due to weak signal or interference. Sometimes laying a physical wired connection in every room is not possible. So Wi-Fi range extender setup helps you to boost signal strength. Instead of buying a new range extender [This presentation will show some of the most common mistakes made with Layer 2 configurations.

We will explain the major changes to the Bridge configuration for version 6. The Municipality network of Ioannina and more the Metropolital area Network uses more that Mikrotik devices including fiber optic and wireless links to link all building including villages and urban areas. This network has been developed and supported the latest 10 years with support from the Network Center of University of Ioannina and Ioannina Municipality.

We have configured mANT Sector APs with Dynadish in a millitary application that involves at least 7 vehicles with a distance of 30km apart. Each vehicle has a hydraulic mast that is deployed at a hight of 10m and hosts 3 x mANT d Sectors and 1 x Dynadish. We have configured the necessary connect lists and other settings in order to allow good connectivity between vehicles. The system is ad-hoc which means there is no master or slave and even with just 2 vehicles, the connection is establishes as expexted.

On top of the Wi-Fi, there is confidential classified wireless equipment for electronic warfare. Greece on November 14, Registration closed.

mikrotik wireless configuration examples

Maragoudakis MikroTikTraining. Giovanis I O. The Municipality Network of Ioannina with Mikrotik devices The Municipality network of Ioannina and more the Metropolital area Network uses more that Mikrotik devices including fiber optic and wireless links to link all building including villages and urban areas. Military Vehicle ad-hoc Wireless Mesh Network. More info Detailed information about the event. D, Greece.